Ginger and Mariko will be in charge of Pilates sessions in English. 

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Private Pilates / Private & Group MasterSeretch

While living in the UK as a costume designer/creator, I experienced unstable physical and mental state due to my poor posture.

At the same time, I developed an interest in how the body is used and the relationship between the mind and body while interacting with people who express physical expression such as actors and dancers.


After returning to Japan, in search of a healthy state of mind, I began Pilates to improve my posture and physical condition.

It's been 10 years since I started teaching Pilates.

In 2023, I was worked as a Pilates trainer for Cirque du Soleil's “Alegria ~ in A New Light'' performance in Osaka.


I believe that the shortcut to getting your body in shape is to steadily improve your daily life itself.

To me, Pilates is an art. It's me occupation, but also my lifework.

Due to my interest in breathing and the invisible, I also practices Aikido.




Certification :

•Body Element System Japan

(West Coast Style Pilates / The Gentry Approach) : Pilates 

•Body Code System: Master Stretch® 

•Physical Mind Institute: TYE4®


Private Pilates / Group Pilates REFORMER

 After repeatedly straining my back, I started Pilates with the goal of "Train my body that can walk on my own legs until just before I die!"

Pilates has made my daily life easier! It reduced pain and injuries! And Pilates is kind if fun... those are my motivations to continue learning Pilates. I'm hoping to help more people like me in the past.




•Peak Pilates mat

•Buff Bones

•Stott Pilates Reformer certified instructor

Pat Guyton Pilates Conservatory: unit 4 Cadillac /Unit 1 Spine corrector/ High barrel and Ped-o-pul/ Unit 2 Wunda chair completed