How to Join

Plese join our membership!

After a trial session, if you feel like to continue Pilates, we recommend you to become a member of our studio.

A studio member can use coupon tickets, a monthly plan, and our as-much-as-you-can-come plan. 

Fill in the Application Form

Add to the information we receive at the time of the trial reservation, we will ask you to give us your emergency contact (arbitrary) and address.

Explanation of Membership Agreement

We will explain again the studio regulation regulation on our website.

Payment of Admission Fee

Please pay the prescribed admission fee. 

The admission fee will be used to expand the facilities of the studio.

Explanation of the App

Use an app called "Easy Reservation : かんたん予約 "(formaly Cubic)to make a reservation.

You can also purchase coupons and monthly fee from here.


Download from Here

Purchase and Reservation

You are ready to purchase our lesson coupons from the app.

Payment and reservation are combined so that you'll find it very convenient.