These are summaries of the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

I want to try, how much will it be?

If you want to try it once, a trial lesson is recommended. Please apply from the trial lesson page .

Do you accept a male client? 

For male members, private session, Semi-private session, and group lesson are available. 

The group mat Pilates class on the 4th floor is not equipped with a changing room, so we have to ask male members from it at the moment.

Can I use a credit card?

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB and other credit cards, transportation IC cards, etc.

What is Pilates?

It is a method that integrates the mind and body created by Joseph Pilates. 

Can I do Pilates even if your body is stiff?

Yes, of course you can! No problem at all.

Like yoga, there is no movement that cannot be completed without flexibility.

If there is a back pain, stiff shoulders, or unbalanced body structure due to the stiff body, we will carefully loosen stiff parts. Also, if you have a complex or too shy about your body stiffness, private lessons are also recommended until you feel comfortable enough to join the group lessons. 

Is there any place to park a bicycle?

We are sorry, but there is no place to park your bicycle. The area around our studio is designated as a prohibited are for bicycles, those bikes are regularly removed. Please come on foot or by public transportation a much as possible. Or please make use of an Osaka City public bicycle parking lot at Nishinagahori Station or Nishiohashi Station.

What should I bring?

T-shirts and sweatshirts are just fine. Sine it is a small group lesson, please prepare your won clothes without worrying about other people's eyes. Please check What to Bring for details.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It's a complete reservation system. Please be sure to make a reservation. 

Please refer to Trial lesson for how to make a reservation.

Can I take a shower after the lesson?

We are very sorry, but we have no such facilities.

I'm pregnant. Is it possible to take a lesson?

If you have an permission from your obstetrics and gynecology doctor and your family, yes, you can take private and semi-private sessions.

*Please submit a medical certificate from your doctor.

Is it possible to bring my kids to the class?

You can take semi-private or private sessions with your child. Please note that we do not have toys for your child. 

* Please be careful not to injure yourself or child. We are no responsible for it.


My motor nerves are not so good , can I still join the class?


We don't move along with the music, so there is no problem if you are worried about your motor nerves. You can start from a small group lesson, but we recommend to take a private session for those who are really worried. 

What should I do if I can't make it?

 At the time of reservation or according to the e-mail sent 2 days before the reservation, please cancel from the app if it is within the reservation deadline. 

If it's passed the cancellation deadline, your reservation can not be cancelled from the app. In that case, please contact the studio by e-mail.

I'm an Pilates instructor, is it possible to take your lesson?

You can take lessons in the same way as non-instructor members, such as improving your own teaching skills, maintenance while staying Osaka, and taking lessons and a studio tour. Please apply from the trial lesson page.