兵庫県神戸市東灘区岡本1-4-17 オギタビル2階

2F Oghita Building, 1-4-17 Okamoto Higashinadaku Kobe City, Hyogo 

from JR KObe Line "Settsu-motoyama station"

Settsu-Motoyam station is 18 minutes from JR Sannomiya Station, 22 minutes from Osaka station by train.

It is located roughly between Osaka and Kobe on JR Kobe Line.

Our studio is 3 minutes walk north from Settsu-Motoyama station.

After exiting the ticket gate of Settu-Motoyama station (JR Kobe Line), pleas proceed to the north exit. 

When you step out of the station, you will see the cityscape like this. You'll want to take a detour!

If you go straight along the road in front of the station, you will arrive at the Yamate Main Line. Cross the "Motoyama Station North" (本山北) intersection.

After crossing Motoyama Station North in trisection, go west (left).

The building with the unique shaped windows is the one our studio is in. We are on the 2nd floor.

from Hankyu kobe line "okamoto station"

3 minutes walk from Okamoto station. Okamoto station is a limited express stop on Hankyu Kobe Line. 

You can enjoy stopping by your favorite stores from the station to our studio.

At Okamoto station (Hankyu Kobe Line), exit the south ticket gate and go straight south. 

Continue down the slope until you reach the end and turn right.

Keep walking to the front og Daiei Gourmet City Motoyama store.

In front of the Daiei Gourmet City Motoyama store is the building where our studio is located. We are on the 2nd floor.

By Car


Please use our partner "Garden Parking West".

Simply present your parking ticket at our reception, we will give you a parking ticket of 400 yen per lesson.

By Bike

For bicycle storage, please use the Daiei Gourmet City Motoyama store in front of the Oghita building. 

The first hour is free, and after that it costs 120 yen for the next 11 hours.